Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid 75% Tech grade

CAS No. 7664-38-2


About our Phosphoric Acid 75% Tech Grade
Our Phosphoric Acid 75% Tech grade is thoroughly colorless liquid.


Our Phosphoric Acid 75% Tech grade can be used in
- Inorganic industrial application areas for the production of acid phosphate, manganese, potassium pyrophosphate and various types of phosphate.
- Plastics used in the production of phenolic resin catalyst for the condensation reaction. Japanese chemical used for the production of detergent additives for impregnating Multan, the use of safety matches.
- Metallurgical industry for the production of phosphoric acid refractory cement, steel furnaces can improve life expectancy.

1) in 35kg/drum, 686 drums/20'FCL ; 24.01MT per FCL without pallet
2) in 310kg/drum, 80 drums/20'FCL ; 24.8MT per FCL with pallet
2) in 1500kg recondition IBC drum ; 21MT(14 drums) per 20'ft container without pallet

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Item Specification
H3PO4 75% Min.
P2O5 54.33% Min.
Cl 10 PPM Max.
Fe 10 PPM Max.
As 10 PPM Max.
Heavy Metal 10 PPM Max.
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