Paraffin Wax

CAS no. 8002-74-2

Paraffin wax/Microcrystalline wax

CAS no. 8002-74-2


About us
    We are one of the biggest fully refined paraffin wax, semi-microcrystalline and microcrystalline wax dealer and exporter in Taiwan for over decade. We export to Australia, Japan, HongKong, Saudi-Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mid-East, Americas and EU. Our reputational product quality has gained high popularity in Asia Pacific region especially in Japan and South East Asia.

    Various applications in chemical industry, food packing industry, textile industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry as well as fast moving consumer goods, namely, candle, water proof paper board, rubber anti-aged agent, water-proof agent, oil-proof agent, car polishing wax, shoes polishing wax, floor polishing wax, dental casting, salon spa wax and so on.

Manufacture certification
• ISO9001(2000) (2001.7/2004.7/2007.7)
    • ISO9001(2008)(2010.7)  
    • ISO14001:2004 (CNS 14001) Product certification
    • RoHS  
    • US FDA

1. in 5 kg x 6/bundle shrink wrap with pallet, 16.8 mt per 20'ft container
    2. in 5 kg x 6/bundle shrink wrap without pallet, 20.01 mt per 20'ft container

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