Uncle Golden Water organic tea series

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Uncle Golden Water organic tea series
Be organic, because of Love
Our tea is from a memory of love
Our tea had inherited tea farming and panning techniques.
Our Tea have been planting in Natural way for over 30 years. Having devoted our memory and love to build this high mountain organic tea garden with cherry trees in the 1100 Meter latitude high Mountain. In 2015, we had brought these Mountain’s organic tea which was produced from the harmony of all creature including eagle, bamboo tree, Cherry Tree, ladybugs, lizards, small green leaf-hopper and tea trees, from mountain down to Ground for the people who lover organic tea.
Traditional Roast technique inherited
Professional Tea making process
From tea leave collection, solar and indoor withering, rolling, stirring, shaking, and roasting, each stage had inherited Japanese technique with balanced control of Sunlight, time, temperature, humid , the most important, every hand- making process, with the devoted love and perseved faith. Every tea leaf is from the garden’s  every creatures’s cooperation.
Our Tea garden is the first Taiwan Cherry tree, Tea garden
Every creature in our tea garden is passionate.
Our tea garden ecologically environmented withTaiwan white pine and Moso Bamboo. In Summer, it have Gerbera blossom, in winter, it have Cherry blossom,
which make this tea garden colorful with seasons. All animal and insects coexisted
In this garden, even though the bad insects have stayed in this garden with mercyfully and tolently. But every tea leave have its vitality. Therefore, because of passion, Spider, lizard, wilderness, are lovely stayed with the ladybug, butterfly and blue birds. They are all very cute.