PE Wax (Anti-Sun Wax)

PE Wax (Anti-Sun Wax)


About our PE Wax (Anti-Sun Wax)
PE Wax (Anti-Sun Wax) is high performance anti-sun check wax, developed through long time laboratory research and field performance trials. PE Wax have been designed to protect rubbers or rubberlike elastomers under severe conditions from 5 degree Celsius to over 60 degree Celsius degree.

Ozone existing in Air attack and cause cracks on natural rubber and synthetic rubbers. An Anti-Ozone (or anti-Sun check), agents are applied to overcome unfavored inherent weakness of rubbers. An effective wax, which forms a protective film when rubber vulcanized and cooled to replace damage film. This is an efficient way to protect rubbers from ozone attached under static conditions. Performance of waxes on different rubbers are variating according to micro structures of rubber compounds.

1. 25kg paper bag
2. 600kg jumbo bag


Properties Specification
Appearance white bead
Color (gardner) 1 Max.
Dropping point 58 Min.
Penetration 13 ~ 20
Oil content (%) 1.0 Max.