Green Mountain Co., Ltd.
Welcome to Green Mountain ! We have been in trading business since 1963, mainly in the fields of export and import of Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Industrial Chemicals.We are actively entering effective Microbes(EM) for Agriculture and poultry. We secured ISO 9001 certification in the year 2000 Capitalizing on our long-term partnership and join venture with manufacturers in Taiwan and China. We take pride in serving our worldwide suppliers and buyers in the following aspects: *Fast sourcing capability for quality products at competitive price *Reliable execution of orders to destinations *Satisfactory market penetration and business volume for products we are entrusted with agentship

Това е най-подробна информация заНатриев бикарбонат. Информацията включва модел, име, описание и спецификацияНатриев бикарбонат.

Натриев бикарбонат

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Натриев бикарбонат


води за уста.

тежки чай и петна от кафе от чаши, когато се разрежда с топла вода.


Моля, изпращайте вашите запитванияНатриев бикарбонатза нас. Ние ще се свържем с вас скоро. Моля също така да проверите продукти, свързани с по-долу.

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